Solutions to target different cultures; what language(s) do your target clients think in?

Exporting into new markets? Looking to reach tourists more effectively? Contact us to say hello to a whole new world of customers.


Exporting into new markets? Looking to reach tourists more effectively? Need to reach stakeholders from different cultural backgrounds…

Table Of Contents

  1. Value Proposition
  2. Use Cases

Value Proposition

Core Proposition

  • Assuming you are an Australian firm with a home culture of English, effectively engaging with other cultures is hard. If the business goal was a Chinese website to reach potential new Chinese clients, you could get translations, and then ask your technology team to build out the Chinese website. Scaling and supporting this across 10+ languages is a major business challenge.
  • QBLMedia solves this problem for you,
    1. create your new multilingual website,
    2. auto-update content changes to your multilingual website, and
    3. manage the multilingual website, all at scale for your firm.
  • The primary use case is around static content - we aim to deliver fast, search engine optimization (SEO) performant websites, optimized to mobile devices.

Managing Existing Assets

  • Assume your current website is - we would not make any changes here. We would instead provide your firm with new artifacts,
    1. => your new Chinese website,
    2. => your new Japanese website, and
    3. => your new Korean website.
  • Assuming that is serviced by an existing Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress or Drupal. We would make no changes here. Your staff would continue to use their existing processes. Any changes would simply be mirrored, after translation, with time lag. The time lag depends on the amount of content, but edits are generally a single (1) business day.
  • Existing investments in branding can also be leveraged, and concerns around styling are handled in the onboarding process.

Managing New Assets

  • At the artifact level, each artifact can be modeled to target culture specific mobile, social and search strategy. Example: Your new is optimized for Baidu (Chinese search engine), as opposed to being optimized for Google.
  • At the content level, there are three options around translation. Additionally, pricing around translations can be passed through directly, and the platform provides the ability to manage these assets at scale.
    1. machine translation,
    2. human translation, and
    3. bring your own (BYO).
  • Example: Your new is translated,
    1. images and their alternative text is managed by via machine translation,
    2. about the company is translated by QBLM managed translation service,
    3. executive biographies are managed by your social media team and your translator.

Use Cases

Reaching Travelers and Tourists

  • Content is generally around availability of facilities, opening hours, and emergency contacts.
  • Seasonal content marketing (blogs, images), tailored on a per culture basis. An example of this would be custom Chinese content over the Golden Week holiday season, or custom Arabic content over the Ramadan holiday season.

Reaching Export Markets

  • Content is generally around product information, factsheets, question and answer sections and generic product documentation.
  • Internationalization - it is possible to use a model like,
    1. / => an English website with the -gb tag would be aimed at users is the UK, while the -au tag would be aimed at users in Australia. This could be used in SEO.
    2. / fr-fr => a French website with the -ca tag would be aimed at French Canadians, while the -fr tag which would be aimed at French people in France. For a product factsheet, the -ca would use Dollars, and the -fr would use Euro’s.

Generic Multilingual Asset Management

  • Content with multilingual parts, for example, consider a simple menu with items which must be described in English, Chinese and Korean.
  • Multimedia content, for example, consider a simple picture with alt text which needs to be multiple languages. A more complex example is a video with subtitles in multiple languages.
  • All assets and artifacts can have internationalized slugs.