Multilingual assets at scale? Quality, negative workflow and risk controls.

Internationalizing apps, solving business problems with demand side solutions, and leveraging existing supply side solutions. Contact us to say hello to a whole new world of customers.


Internationalizing apps, solving business challenges with demand side solutions, and moving forward from expensive supply side solutions…

Table Of Contents

  1. Working with Content
  2. Working with Media
  3. Risk Controls

Working with Content


  • Information Complexity - depending on the complexity of your content,
    1. Machine Translation: generally not recommended for complex client facing content, but can be used
    2. Human Translation: available in Standard and Business tiers. Core content is recommended to be translated using the Business level, ongoing content, such as a blog is more cost effectively translated using the Standard tier.
    3. BYO: for content with high level of information complexity, your subject matter experts and translators provide translations.
  • Immutable Object - QBLMedia’s propreitery technology transforms your website into a large immutable object.
    1. Time travel, in case of issues, a website can be reverted to any state in the past.
    2. Depending on strategy, A/B testing in other languages is possible. It is possible to have say, example three translations of the same content (for a landing page as an example), and test engagement over time.
    3. Complex data strucutres are possible, as an example, consider a single blog page could have (i) title, (ii) image + alt text, and (iii) content. In this case the title and image alt text can be machine translated, and the main content can be human translated.

Working with Media


  • There is no true upside to storing media objects in an immutable state, mostly because the underlying codec’s (say .jpeg, .gif or .mp4) get no efficiency boost. If you are specifically looking to store large media objects across a workflow, please contact us for more information.
  • We automatically convert and manage media assets to preffered file format types/sizes based on the incoming request. These assets are auto deployed to a CDN on first use to increase speed.

Risk Controls

Positive/Negative Workflow

  • Action level permissions are possible, as an example, it is possible to setup a workflow like,
    1. Your staff writes original content in English, within the Content Creators team;
    2. New content is pushed to the Translators team, but instead of translating the content, they have the content human translated, and your staff does the higher value task of checking whether the translations meet your content guidelines, for say Healthcare related information;
    3. Once the translation is signed off on, the content makes its way to the Content Publishers team, who push out the website.